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Anocca offers partners access to our technology platform, core discovery and manufacturing capabilities, as well as pipeline assets. Together we can build value and deliver next-generation TCR therapies and vaccines that address unmet patient needs.

We are actively executing a business development strategy that comprises a range of innovative partnering models in order to deliver a balanced portfolio of assets, partnerships and value creation.

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Our partners

Anocca has established, and continues to build, collaborations with a network of strategic partners from the pharmaceutical industry, academia and healthcare. 


Janssen Research & Development, LLC

Research collaboration on the application of Anocca technology to target biology


Biophysical and structural characterisation of TCR-MHC complexes

Phase I Clinical Trials Unit, Karolinska Universitty Hospital

Recruitment of donors and patients for supply of blood samples to support ongoing projects and programs

Center for Apheresis and Stem Cell Handling, Karolinska University Hospital

Recruitment of donors for supply of leukapheresis product

Karolinska Institutet

Research collaboration to explore the use of Anocca technology in the development of individualised TCR therapies

RTCure; Rhueuma Tolerance for Cure

Use of Anocca technology to isolate TCRs for autoimmunity research.

This work has received support from the EU/EFPIA Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking RTCure grant n° 777357.