In-house GMP facility accelerates path to clinic

Manufacturing platform

The manufacture of TCR-modified T-cell therapies requires sophisticated facilities and processes that are potentially a limiting factor in clinical deployment of these cutting-edge immunotherapies.

Anocca operates a unique 5 000 m² manufacturing and research facility near Stockholm, Sweden, which was approved by the Swedish authority for manufacture of cell therapies in 2015. The facility is currently undergoing reconfiguration to increase capacity for planned clinical trials. This will allow Anocca to independently develop and deploy manufacturing for TCR-modified T-cell therapy clinical development programs.

Anocca’s manufacturing capabilities include production of viral vectors for the genetic modification of patient T-cells, incorporating all processes from receipt of patient cells, to cryopreservation and distribution of the final cell therapy product. Quality control laboratories within the manufacturing facility deploy unique assay systems based on our proprietary technologies.

With a combination of manufacturing cleanrooms, and a range of process development and research laboratories, Anocca delivers the full value chain – from discovery to clinic – under one roof. This unique infrastructure provides the scale and flexibility to rapidly deploy multiple clinical programs in the near term.